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Below are a few current reviews about my work...


“Smartly staged…playwright Linda Felton Steinbaum tackles tough issues and comes out on top. This is family drama at its
finest.” - Sun Newspapers

‘Playwright Linda Felton Steinbaum gets credit for addressing her subject matter head on.” - Backstage West

“Presents interesting ironies…You feel the love and the pain of these characters. That is an absolute success.” - LA Splash

“Unique…a disturbing play yet a powerful one.” - The Loyolan


“…it struck a chord with me, and if theatre can do that, one would have to consider the production a success.” - MetroLA

“…if you like to clap, you will have ample opportunity here.” -


 “The current three one acts are some of the best the Cedar Lane Stage has mounted over the years.” - Montgomery County Sentinel (Bethesda, Maryland)

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