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Kit 'n Kat - The Nose Knows

Kat just wants to spend her summer vacation reading mystery novels and flying drones with her friends, but her life is turned upside down when her stepfather Mark gets a promotion. Kat, her mom, and Mark move to a new city and a big creepy house, and itís going to take more than her momís yoga breathing exercises to make Kat okay with this. Then on her birthday, Kat receives the ultimate surprise: a trip to the animal shelter to adopt a dog!

For Kat, itís love at first sight when she sees Kit, an oversized, overly timid puppy with a gigantic nose. The only problem is heís afraid of everything. To help Kit gain some confidence, Kat enrolls in scent tracking classes with him where she learns that Kitís nose isnít just big, itís powerful! Soon, the new duo finds themselves digging up adventure at every turn, whether itís a hunt for a lost neighbor or unveiling a clue about their mysterious new house.


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