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3 females, 2 males

Set in a training and doggie day care center, Sandy, a single mom, runs this business along several employees, her college aged daughter, and father Phil. Though originally founded by Phil, who was a dog handler during the Viet Nam War, Sandy grabbed the reins many years ago as Phil's experiences left him quite scarred. Along with modern parenting and dog training methodology presented, compared and contrasted, this play uncovers a little known chapter in our history with regards to our military working dogs.


GRAND FINALE (20 Minutes)

2 females, 1 male

A surprise occurs when Ella receives a piano from the estate of her deceased, estranged father. This discovery helps her on the road to heal some family wounds..


FUEL HOUSE (Two acts)

3 males, 3 females

Due to modern science, people are living longer and many Americans are finding themselves taking care of their elderly parents while still raising their own children. Experts have coined a term describing these people caught in the middle of this tug of war – “the sandwich generation.”  This drama examines one such family, with emphasis on how the mother/wife/daughter, tries to cope with this phenomena.



2 males, 3 females

As the play begins, the affair between a 13-year old middle school student and his 31-year old teacher, Kathy, has already been discovered. When Kathy’s older sister steps forward to help her deal with the repercussions, and their mother appears, the result is an involving and insightful drama that provides food for thought about a serious subject.

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FAT CHANCE (Two acts)

3 males, 3 females, 1 VO

A tough-as-nails female attorney with a troubled marriage takes on a discrimination suit on behalf of a new, very obese client. This majestically proportioned woman alleges unfair termination of employment and other poor treatment due to weight discrimination. The plaintiff also has hidden secrets which, when revealed, will change the life of the attorney forever.

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SHIFTING GEARS (30 minutes)

2 males, 1 female

A quiet and submissive middle-aged woman who is recently separated from her husband, takes her dominating, overbearing elderly father out to lunch with the task of trying to take away his car keys.




2 males, 2 females

A wife and her teenaged daughter try to get their bored and increasingly distant husband/father to be more communicative and involved with the family. Be careful what you wish for.


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